Indooroopilly Training Groups

As a Sporting Paddlers Club we are aiming to invite paddlers of all disciplines and at all level to join us as either a Recreational paddler or if you like as Sporting Competitors.

We are the oldest Queensland Canoe Club with a history of Australian K1 Marathon and Sprint Champions. We continue this tradition today and are also the home of some of Queensland finest  Surf Life Saving ski Competitors as well having a group of Ocean paddlers who are actively competing in events around the state.

Come Join us, or if you like create your own group,  the club will welcome you and do its best to support you.

Our Current training groups are as follows:

Surf Squad:                        

Boat type:                           Surf Ski’s and Ocean Ski’s

Training Days:                    Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.15am to be on water 5.30

Training Sessions: 

Tuesdays are Endurance based and Thursdays Sprint orientated. Sessions are approximately 1.15hrs and we average approximately 8-10Km of solid interval training we hold no prisoners and train mercilessly. We focus on technique , cadence and speed.  Temperature permitting we also paddle surf Life Saving Racing Mals for 30 minutes after ski training.

We are a group of men and women very dedicated to our sport and at times drink too much rum and tell bad jokes.

Age variation anything from 19 to 60 with the old farts still showing the young studs age has no meaning…..until the day after.

Squad leader:                      “Obe”- Alex Oberhofer

Mobile:                                0407 669 996



Ocean Squad:                  Woolly Mammoth Hunters (and yes there is an in-joke)
Squad leader:                      Greg Scanlon
Boat type:                           Ocean Ski
Training Days:                     Wed and Fri. 4.45am to be on the water at 5am.

Training Sessions:

We are Middle aged recreational paddlers who target the occasional event such as the Bruns2Mullum and Maroochy River. We’re mid-packers with an appetite for Post Race BBQ’s, coffee and a little bit of trash talk.
Our sessions are 12 – 18k and anywhere from 1hr 20 to 1hr 50.We basically hold firm around 10km/hr with the occasional spontaneous interval if someone is feeling frisky.
Squad leader:                       Greg Scanlon

Mobile:                                 0422 507 007


SUP Rec Group:

We only have a few paddlers at this stage so we ask you to give Michael a call and arrange a paddle from the club with a potential to join and form a group of your own. Michael usually paddles on the weekends in the afternoons.

SUP leader:                          Michael Slater

Mobile:                                0421 553 311

TK1 Rec Group:

There are a number of members who venture out in the steeley hours of Sunday morning at 8am for a casual paddle, nothing serious just a cruise paddle up and around the river for some relaxing pleasure.

TK1 leader:                         Terry Hutchinson

Mobile:                                 0407 742 831