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Notice of ICC AGM and re-opening


To all members,

Notice is given that the 2011 Annual General Meeting of Indooroopilly Canoe Club Inc. will be held on Sunday 7th August at 2pm, preceded by fee payment and key swap.

Nominations are called for the following office bearers:

  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coach
  • Minute Secretary
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Property Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • QC Delegate
  • Racing Officer
  • Webmaster

After the meeting the re-opening of the facilities refurbished after the January floods will occur. A free BBQ will be provided. Please advise Erin by Friday 5th August if you plan to attend the BBQ for catering purposes. Email appletonae@gmail.com or phone / text 0402 483 983.

ICC Back Up and Running After the Floods


Thanks to the hard work of ICC members and committee, the canoe club is now back up and running – complete with a brand new pontoon and amenities area.

There is still a bit of work to be done at the club, so we encourage you to join us at a working bee on Saturday 16 July from 8am.

There will also be a grand re-opening on Sunday 7 August. The AGM, key change, and processing of 2011-12 membership fees will also occur at this time.
The key change and AGM will be held from 2-3pm. The re-opening will commence at 3pm, and a BBQ will be provided. Local member Julian Simmonds will be attending the re-opening, and we encourage all members to attend this event.

We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these events, or out on the water soon.

ICC / Brothers paddlers in 2011 National Sprint Teams


A number of ICC/ Brothers paddlers have had a successful National Titles which was made especially difficult this year due to large disruptions in training since the flood.

We wish  them all the best for their upcoming events.


2011 Senior National Sprint Team

Alex Haas

Jake Donaghey


2011 U23 National Sprint Team

Jacquie Beaver

Tim Donkin

Michael Beaver


2011 Junior National Sprint Team

Stephen Giraud

Alex Haas

Jake Donaghey

Mathew Wallace


2011 Junior Olympic Hopes Team

Mac Stafford-Smith


ICC Flood Update – Assistance in Rebuilding, Grants and Sponsorship



For the second time in its 54 years Indooroopilly Canoe Club is for its flood reconstruction.
The Club would like to thank the Queensland Government and the Brisbane City Council for providing major funding – $62,500 and $47,225 respectively which will be of great assistance for the forthcoming project. Also the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre which has added $5000 to rebuilding funds, and Bunnings who are to supply many of the essentials to resurrect the Clubs amenities block.
It is hoped that necessary work to get the Club up and running can be commenced fairly soon. This includes
  • Replacement of pontoon and ramp (work commencing May)
  • Repairs to doors on remaining shed (April)
  • Repair of up stream wall on remaining shed (April)
  • Electrical rewire and reconnection of power (April)
  • Replacement of the ‘top shed’
  • Replacement of amenities
  • Repair of driveway from Witton Road to boatshed.
Many thanks to Bush Fire Brigade crews from Donnybrook Town, Hazeldene and Dayboro for their assistance in the removal mud from the remaining shed; ….and   the Clean Up Australia day volunteers including the State Member for Indooroopilly and his wife, the Walter Taylor Ward Councillor, members of the Rainbow Forest Bush Care group and paddlers who transformed the grounds by sawing and removing the many fallen trees dumped by receding waters. Committee members have spent many hours applying for funding, getting quotes, and organizing work to be done.
Currently there is no road access to the Club as a landslip from Witton Road into Witton Creek has caused need for major reconstruction. 

ICC Clean Up Australia Day



The best roll up ever for a working bee turned up on Sunday to do their bit for Clean Up Australia and more importantly Clean Up ICC.
In three short hours all of them beavered away transforming the flood ravaged grounds from tree and rubbish strewn mess to  the peaceful parkland of pre flood times.   The ‘gleaners’ filled most of the bags provided with tidal debris from the sandy beach from where the ponroon used to be to the creek mouth.  Unfortunately they were not able to move the water tank. The chainsaw men demolished all the fallen trees.  The rakers, raked and the carriers loaded and unloaded Linton’s ute for its innumerable trips up to car park where most of the trees are stacked awaiting removal.
Many thanks to those who were there on the day and to those who have spent hours applying for grants,cleaning out the shed, removing and replacing the boats working on the electrics etc. etc.
It does not appear that any work has yet been done in the repair of the washed away road between the car park and the Boulevard.  Let us hope that  Radnor St. and the Canoe Club’s part of Witton Road can be dedicated for the use of pedestrians, cyclists and only the vehicles of those who have property in the immediate vicinity.
On the day members Mike Aldous, Carly Barque, Caroline Brooks, Linton Burns, Kevin Crisp, Robbie Edger, Sal Gardner, Terry Hutchinsoln, Claudette Prince and Noel Rush were joined by State Member for Indooroopilly Scott Emmerson and his wife Robyn, Walter Tayloy Ward Councillor Julian Simmonds, Ros Laundon: Joan, Rodger and Shelley Wilkinson from the Rainbow Forest Bush Care Group, Trevor Barque from Brisbane Canoeing, and ‘Chain Saw Man’, a neighbour, and Toby  the dog. Thanks to all of the above for their efforts.


ICC & Brothers paddlers do well at GP2


The floods have made it a difficult month for Indooroopilly based paddlers, especially now we are still without a pontoon.

A number of paddlers went down to Sydney for the GP2 over the last 3 days,giving them a good warm up and see how their training is progressing leading up the nationals in a couple of months.

There were a number of places in finals, below are some of the results.

 Macca Stafford-Smith 
8th u18 k1 1000 B Final

tim stenlake
7th u23 K1 1000 Final
4th u23 k2 500 final

alex & Jake

1st open  c2 1000 final
2nd open c2 500
2nd open c2 200 

alex hass
4th mens open c1 200 final

jake donaghey
6th mens open c1 200 final

jacque beaver
7th Womens open k1 500 semi
4th womens open k2 500 final
9th womens open k1 200 A final
6th womens open k4 500 final
7th womens open k2 200 final

lyndsie fogarty
8th A final womens open k1 500
1st womens open k4 500 final
1st womens open k2 200 final

stephen giraud
8th U18 k1 500 A final
2nd u18 k2 200 final
7th u18 k1 200 A final

carley Bauque
7th Womens u18 k1 200 B Final
7th womens u18 k2 200 final
4th womens u18 k4 500 final
9th womens u18 k2 500 final

tim donkin
9th open k1 200 B Final
1st u23  k1 200 Final

charlotte Cormack
6th u23 k2 500 Final
8th u23 k1 200 final
4th u23 k2 200 final

michael beaver
2nd Mens open c1 1000
1st mens open c1 500
2nd mens open c1 200


HELP NEEDED to move boats back into ICC


The remaining ICC shed has been cleaned and power and water reconnected (although we still have no power…long story).
Thank you to Bunny and Nathan who spent the public holiday rewiring the shed.

We are going to bring the club boats back into the shed THIS SATURDAY (29 Jan) from 7am. It would be appreciated if members could come along at this time to lend a hand.

Please note that there are still roadworks on Witton Rd, you will probably have to park on Twigg St and walk in.

We will be only moving club boats back in on Saturday. Members with private boats are welcome to return them after Saturday morning. (However there is no pontoon to launch from, and the shed will not have power for another week at least).

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at 7am.

Erin Appleton
0402 483 983

Flood Update 20 Jan


Hi all,

This a brief message to give you an update on the recent flooding at the ICC shed.

The committee met last night to discuss the options for rebuilding and getting the club back up and running. We will be applying for a government grant that may partly cover the cost of replacing ICC property.

The flood caused considerable damage to ICC, to be expected considering that the water was well over the shed roof.
The pontoon and ramp have been washed away, as has the top shed that housed the TK boats and tinny (luckily all gear was removed from both sheds).

ICC currently has no power or water, and is not safe. One of the doors in the bottom shed is split and will have to be repaired before the shed is secure. There is also a considerable amount of mud through both the shed and the surrounding area.

In short, we recommend that you do not visit ICC until we advise that it is safe to do so.

The boats and paddles are being stored at Nudgee Junior (just up the road). The students will return to school next week, and we cannot guarantee the security of the craft. If you have a boat that is on the trailer, and are able to remove it and store it at your house for a week or two, please do so.

Thanks again to the club members for removing all craft and equipment from the sheds.

Thanks to Cam Fairley and the team from the Rural Fire Brigade that spent all day yesterday hosing the mud out of the bottom shed. They have made considerable inroads into the clean up.

There is plenty more work that needs to be done, and we will be looking for club members to help with the clean up once we have water and power restored. We will advise when this happens.

If you have any questions please contact Erin on
appletonae@gmail.com, or 0402 483 983.

ICC Committee

Beginners to Winners


From Beginners to Winners!

(Page copied from Brothers website).

It just goes to show that you don’t need to be found in an NTID program to succeed. Many paddlers have come through the system without having been tested and Steve Giraud, Alex Haas and Jake Donaghey are living proof.

The three boys have just recently returned from Europe winning medals and I managed to accidently find some early photos of their beginnings!

Great photos boys!

ICC/Brothers Paddlers win Medals at Olympic Hopes – Slovakia


ICC/Brothers Shine at Olympic Hopes – Slovakia

(page copied from Brothers website).

Slovakia hosted twenty-two nations from around the world for the Olympic Hopes regatta set up to give juniors and hopefully our future olympians a taste of international competition.

Australia sent a team of 24 athletes to compete against the powerhouses of Canoe Sprint such as Germany, Hungary, and Poland. Three athletes and one coach from the Brothers/Indooroopilly Canoe Club were selected to represent Australia at the regatta. The athletes were Stephen Giraud (Under 16 kayak), Alex Haas (under 15 Canoe)& Jake Donaghey(Under 16 canoe), & coach- Kev Crisp.
On day one of the competition, Alex Haas placed 3rd in the C1 200m final making him the first Australian in junior or senior ranks ever to win a medal in canoeing at an international regatta! Alex backed this up less than an hour later when he teamed up with his team mate Jake Donaghey to place 2nd in the C2 200m final less than half a boat behind Germany.
Stephen Giraud, who teamed up with Sunshine Coast athlete Charlie Copeland place 3rd in the K2 200m final in an incredibly tight finish behind Serbia and France. Steve also placed equal 5th in the K1 200m final proving he is capable of mixing it with the world’s best.
More success followed over the next two days for Haas & Donaghey as they collected another bronze in the C2 500m behind Germany and a very lucky Hungarian team. Alex & Jake had thought they had crossed the line and stopped paddling 
allowing Hungary to take the silver from them.

Of the 11 medals coming home to Australia, 6 were won by Giraud, Haas & Donaghey of the Brothers/Indooroopilly Canoe Club. This has come after years of hard work and we’re all very proud of the three boys.  

Overall, these results have been Australia’s best  at the Olympic Hopes regatta with Australia finishing 5th out of the 22 nations in the Nation’s Cup.